July 31, 2014

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Stambaugh Township OKs invasive species ordinance PDF Print E-mail
Written by Allyce Westphal   
Tuesday, October 18, 2011 8:53 AM

STAMBAUGH TOWNSHIP—Following a public hearing prior to its regular meeting on Oct. 5, the Stambaugh Township Board unanimously adopted Ordinance No. 29.
 The ordinance seeks to “prevent and control the introduction, propagation and infestation of invasive species in Chicaugon Lake and to provide funding therefore and to establish penalties for violation.”
 A draft of the ordinance was presented to the board at its Sept. 7 meeting by Steve Polich, a member of the Chicaugon Lake Association.

 At that time, there were several provisions in the ordinance that the Township Board questioned, including a reference noting “on related waters.”
 The ordinance, as adopted, defines related waters as “the lake and any connecting wetlands, streams or related waters and also includes the land surrounding the lake, wetlands, streams and related waters that are part of the watershed, except as to the permit requirements of this ordinance, Chicaugon Lake shall mean the surface waters of the lake.”
 The ordinance also provides the schedule of lake permit fees for both riparian and non-riparian owners.
 The permits will be sold by the township, according to the ordinance, and through its designated agents.
 It was noted that controlling the lake’s invasive species, specifically the Eurasian milfoil, has been the responsibility of lake property owners at a significant cost.
 The ordinance goes into effect 10 days following the date of publication.
 Resident Gene Saundri questioned the board on the status of his blight violation complaint, noting that his neighbor still had untagged vehicles in his yard.
 Trustee Kevin Isaacson asked Saundri about the fence, which was painted white and had the “no trespassing” signs on his neighbor’s side of the fence.
 “I’ve talked to five other residents and no one had a complaint, only you,” said Isaacson. “We’re not mediators of neighbor feuds.”
 “You got violations that are in the book that should be corrected,” said Saundri. “You said you would take care of it, but nothing’s been done.”
 The neighbor, said Isaacson, has had some health issues, “and the stuff will be moved.”
 “He said he’ll move the trailer,” added Supervisor Eugene Pellizzaro.
 Regarding the public access sites on Hagerman Lake, Pellizzaro told the board that the township has “no standing” in this matter.
 He said there is no record that the sites were ever deeded to the township, and it is not mentioned in the plat or in the 1927 board minutes.
 “So, we have no standing. These two parcels are in limbo,” said Pellizzaro. “It’s up to the adjacent property owners if they want to pursue it.”
 By a 5-0 vote, the board appointed Lisa Masnova to the township’s planning commission.



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Who's going to enforce this?

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