August 29, 2014

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012 1:08 PM

IRON COUNTY—The candidate lists for township races have were released by County Clerk Joan Luhtanen late last week, following the filing deadline.
 All county races will go before voters this year in the Aug. 7 primary and the Nov. 6 general election. All township offices are for four years.
 A look at the candidate lineup for each township follows:

 Bates Township: All posts in Bates Township are being challenged this year, except trustees, and all will be decided in the primary. Two candidates are seeking the treasurer post being vacated by Punner Franzene, who is trying for the county treasurer post.
 Supervisor: Grant Helgemo* (D), Douglas L. Bonno (D).
 Clerk: Barbara J. Moncivais* (D), Marie Konoske (R).
 Treasurer: Lisa M. Gasperini (R), Teresa Nelson (R).
 Trustees (2): Allan Wodzinski* (D), John Bobnock* (D).
 Constable: Brian Demboski* (D).
 Crystal Falls Township: No contested races, in either the primary or general election. With just one candidate filing for two trustee positions, there should be a write-in effort at the primary.
 Supervisor: Thomas L. Lesandrini* (D).
 Clerk: Nancy Niemi (D).
 Treasurer: Mary Dalpra* (D).
 Trustees (2): Diane Kut* (D). Only candidate to file.
 Precinct delegate: Patricia Ashcraft (R).
 Hematite Township: Another township with no contested races. The incumbents were the only ones to file.
 Hematite Township
 Supervisor: Bruce Tusa* (D).
 Clerk: Tanya Hiltonen* (D).
 Treasurer: Kaye Richardson* (D).
 Trustees (2): Bonnie J. Ketola* (D), Fred W. Hiltonen* (R).
 Constable:  Wayne Robert Maki*.
 Iron River Township: Supervisor Mark Polley will be challenged by Scott Tarsi, in a race to be decided in November. Three are in the running for two trustee seats—that will also be decided in November. The August primary will decide a two-way battle for clerk and a three-way battle for treasurer.
 Supervisor: Mark Polley* (D), Scott Tarsi (R).
 Clerk: Amber Laturi* (D), Dawn Pisoni (D).
 Treasurer: Nancy Clements* (R), Sheri Tarsi (R), Robert Tulppo (R).
 Trustees (2): Alden Froblom* (R), Kenneth G. Piwarski* (D), Michael Sheehy (D).
 Mansfield Township: The only contested race is for the two trustee seats, with John L. Olson challenging incumbents Pat Minerick and Arthur Bloomburg. All will be on the ballot in November.
 Nobody filed for constable.
 Supervisor: Richard Dryjanski* (D).
 Clerk: Tarra Peterson* (D).
 Treasurer: Patricia A. Dishaw* (D).
 Trustees (2): Pat Minerick* (D), Arthur Bloomburg* (R), John L. Olson (R).
 Constable: no petitions filed.
 Mastodon Township: No contested races in Mastodon Township. Two new trustees will be elected, and two filed.
 Mastodon Township
 Supervisor: Frank Siewiorek* (D).
 Clerk: Janet Kudwa Lemke* (R).
 Treasurer: Sheri L. Skrzyniarz* (D).
 Trustees (2): Raymond Kudwa (D), David Stanek (D).
 Stambaugh Township: The only contested race in Stambaugh Township is for trustee, where Julius Bonel is challenging incumbents George Brunswick and Kevin Isaacson. That race will be decided in the primary.
 Stambaugh Township
 Supervisor: Eugene Pellizzaro* (D).
 Clerk: Theresa Baumgartner* (D).
 Treasurer: Sharon Rogers* (R).
 Trustees (2): George Brunswick* (D), Kevin S. Isaacson*(D), Julius Bonel (D).
 Constable (2): Gary Stolberg* (D), Shelly Losey* (D).


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